Elie Saab Haute Couture F/W 2014-2015

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It sounds like a cliche but I also learnt that you’re not going to fall for the right person until you really love yourself and feel good about how you are. ❞

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Who has been your biggest mentor on the show?
Nat Dormer. I can ask her the most stupid embarrassing questions. I’ll be like “so what does it feel like to be in love?” and she will tell me and give advice. She’s probably my biggest mentor just in general life.

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6500 people sing for Daniel Radcllffe at the 2014 SDCC x

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So all my roommates are reading 50 Shades of Grey, and I downloaded it (for free) to see what I’ve been staunchly criticizing for the last few years. I got pretty far, but stopped last night when they began comparing Ana to Tess D’Urbervilles. For those unfamiliar with Tess’s…

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jily + winter colours → asked by 

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Like nothing’s changed. Not true of course.

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         I see [acting] as this incredible revealing of human nature and this means of telling our story, sharing our voice with the world. That’s what acting is for me. It allows for people to experience things through the character, through the story, that they might not go through in their real life because they’re too scared to say that about somebody, or too ashamed to admit that about themselves.But if you watch it onscreen, there’s a catharsis and a shared human experience and that’s the most beautiful thing about acting

                                                               Tatiana Maslany

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Does she want me to love her too?

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1,700 —That’s how many people died in Syria this week, it’s bloodiest ever — and yet, you heard nothing about it (via micdotcom)
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Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs and Jim Rash attend ‘Community’ panel during Comic-Con International 2014 (July 24, 2014)

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